Middleton Creek Primitive Baptist Church
Rules of Decorum

Article 1: The Pastor or supply shall be Moderator, in case of his absence a Moderator protem shall be chosen, who shall determine on all points of order. The duty of the moderator shall be to keep order, to take the voice of the church on all questions properly brought before conference, and declare the decision accordingly. He shall have a right to speak on all questions before conference, provided he place someone on the moderator's seat, he shall have no right to vote unless conference be equally divided in that case, he shall give the casting vote.
Article 2: A clerk shall be chosen out of the members composing this church. In case of his absence a clerk protem shall be chosen. The duties of the clerk shall be, to make a correct minute of the proceedings of conference, and shall transcribe the same into a suitable book, which shall be kept for the purpose.
Article 3: Conference shall in all cases be opened by Prayer and Praise.
Article 4: Invite visiting Brethren and Sisters of our Faith and order to seat with us.
Article 5: Open the door of the church for the reception of members.
Article 6: Call for references.
Article 7: Call for promiscuous business that may be in order to come before conference.
Article 8: All business shall be brought before conference by motion and second.
Article 9: Every motion made and seconded shall come under the consideration of conference unless withdrawn by him who made it.
Article 10: No Brother shall speak more than once to any proposition until every member wishing to speak shall have spoken; Nor more than twice without the consent of the conference.
Article 11: Any Brother wishing to speak shall arise to his feet and address the Moderator who shall signify his right to the floor by naming the Brother or otherwise.
Article 12: After having given full time for discussion the moderator shall take the vote of the church in any way he may think proper.
Article 13: All business coming before conference shall be decided by a majority vote.
Article 14: No member shall leave his seat during conference without permission from the moderator.
Article 15: No member shall be interrupted while speaking unless he wanders from the subject or uses language of a personal nature.
Article 16: Conference may be convened as often as they may think proper.
Article 17: The Rules of Decorum and Constitution or Church Covenant may be altered or amended by a concurrence of two thirds of the church but the Articles of Faith shall not be subject to alteration.
Article 18: The minutes shall be read and corrected before conference rises and signed by the clerk.